Onwards and Upwards, Site Version 2 Launched

Published: Jul 09 2011

Shieldhill Young Defenders would like to announce the arrival of our brand new user focused website. The site, sydfb.co.uk, has been launched in direct response to our extensive research into the band and its followers needs.

Band President Davy Taylor said: "It's amazing, and the best thing is we didn't have to wait three years for it!"

Adding: "It's everything we could ever need and gives us a consistent appearance now we're using the same badge and colour scheme. We can update everyone on whats going on with our band as well as share pictures and videos. It basically allows our followers to get more involved and interact with the band."

These are exciting times for our fans, probably.

The site will also present some daunting challenges. The band has only recently established an online presence, spurred on by numerous un-official sites. So maintaining the bands sites will take some getting used to.

The site will start out small, not good enough considering band plans for world domination (evil laugh), so expansion is planned and scalability is built into the site. We currently have some other features still in the testing phase which will be online soon.

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